Ann Chery Classic Latex Waist Cincher/ Wholesale lot
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These waist training corsets have the most slimming and reshaping capability of any in our range. In fact, we're pretty confident that these corsets are amongst the most serious on the market, outside of specialist medical products. The potential waist reduction is around four - seven inches for most wearers. We do strongly recommend starting off wearing 6-8 hrs a day to get a sexy hourglass over a period of time.

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These Sport latex corsets and waist trainers are now selling for $70-$100 each. Double or triple your profit by purchasing wholesale from me.
Now selling lots at wholesale prices
14 Pieces = $515 plus shipping

That's a profit of $1050-$1400 Not including the price you charge for tax or shipping

•Made of Nylon, Latex, Cotton and Spandex
Colors available are Blue. Pink & Purple

Ann Chery Classic Latex Waist Cincher/ Wholesale lot

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